NIRMAN occasionally offers internship opportunities if the scope so arises. If you are interested to work with us as an intern then please get in touch with us at [email protected] marking in the subject line ‘Expression of interest for internship’.

Experience of Our Past Interns

My time interning at Nirman was an amazing opportunity to learn more about sustainable urban agricultural practices. Coming to India, I wanted to experiment more with rooftop agriculture, and Nirman readily offered me the resources, space, and support I needed to carry out my project. I learned so much during my time at Nirman, and all the staff members were incredibly friendly, caring, and helpful in everything I did. My involvement with Nirman also gave me the opportunity to travel, enjoy some Indian cuisine, and immerse myself in the culture of Odisha. I loved being an intern at Nirman and greatly admire the work they do.

-Michael Wideman

University of Waterloo, Canada

“I want to thank NIRMAN for giving me the opportunity to serve as an intern in 2015. This internship has definitely increased my interest in pursuing a career in the development sector. I have gained lots of knowledge during my internship. The entire team of NIRMAN never treated as an intern during my internship, I always felt like a part of the team. Thanks all for your support and kind coordination.

-Shusri Sangeeta Das

Utkal University, Bhubaneswar

“I had a wonderful experience with NIRMAN in 2015 as a volunteer intern. It was my first time visiting India and the NIRMAN team made me feel like I was at home. NIRMAN is involved in many great projects in a diverse range of areas in Odisha and I am confident that its grassroots approach will continue to have a positive influence on many communities.”

-Fatima Noor Khan

University of Waterloo, Canada

“Thank you so much for the past 5 months. It has been amazing and I couldn’t have done anything without NIRMAN’s support. The team is incredible and I’m impressed by the work NIRMAN is engaged with. I hope the organization will keep up the cool work.”

-Kaitlin Moore

University of Waterloo, Canadaof Waterloo, Canada