Our Approach

Our Approach

NIRMAN is a leading grassroots organization of Odisha in India trusted for its low-profile and committed civil society services that it has been rendering since its inception. It works for livelihood improvement of indigenous people, smallholder farmers, and traditional fishers through conservation of bio-diversity, ecological agriculture, land tenure & sustainable management of natural resources. The loss of biodiversity poses a serious threat to the key resource base of the natural-resource dependent poor; and with its firm belief in the ability of the local community to preserve biodiversity and manage natural resources sustainably, NIRMAN has made constant efforts for the conservation of bio-diversity through its custodians – the farmers – who have nurtured crops & plants, livestock and fisheries for millennia.

Its specific objective is to ensure sovereignty over seeds, soil, land, indigenous knowledge systems and natural resources all of which have been in a depleting state pushing its custodians in an apparently never ending resource crisis.

Our approach is both holistic and diversified, as under:

Our Vision is promoting equitable

Nirman focuses on restoring the ecosystems with rich biodiversity and has specific intervention in agriculture, natural resource management and governance. The organization is concerned with issues relating to the negative impact of climatic variations and current development paradigm that has endangered the natural resources and traditional knowledge base. Thus, it yearns to have sovereignty over the seed, the soil, the land, water, the indigenous knowledge system and strives to achieve sustainable use of natural resources and democratize its governance pattern.