Why you should Support?

An Organic village is not just an aspiration but also a need of the hour to mitigate growing concerns of control of pesticide and fertilizers over food system, environment degradation and climate change. Every child or adult, village or State, Nation or the Earth in one way or the other is linked to this food system and are equally responsible to keep it healthy. The agro systems determine the pattern and choice of food eaten. Our efforts to conserve this agriculture system are essential to create a pollution free air and toxic free food system.

The land and forests are the most important source of livelihoods for millions of Tribal and forest dwelling communities all across the state. However, lack of legal rights over these traditionally used resources has resulted in insecurity of tenure, massive displacement and abject poverty among communities. The recently enacted historic legislation namely the” Forest Rights Act,2006” has created the much awaited space for vesting rights over traditionally used land and community forest resources. We are engaged in active facilitation of this law so that the Tribal and forest dwelling communities could get legal rights on traditionally used forestland and forest resources leading to livelihoods and food security.

As you read this, the intervention of NIRMAN will help the lives of many people and therefore even a small contribution will add to our efforts and help us in making a difference.