SRI & Food Security

In Orissa, cultivation of rice is an important livelihood practice that ensures food security, provides cultural identity, and represents aspirations of the communities. With the growing concern of decreasing productivity among paddy growers, we intervened introducing the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) as our core strategy in strengthening household food security through rice cultivation with organic approach. With the support of CWS-SDTT, promotion of SRI has been up-scaled from 16 villages in July 2009 and now covers three Blocks of Nayagarh district, viz., Nayagarh, Odagaon and Nuagaon. This intervention has resulted in increase in production of rice by 30 % per acre within last two years and decrease in production cost by 35% due to reduction in use of fertilizers.  Increasing acceptance of the practice and its growing demand has prompted us to increase our support from only 96 farmers in 2009-10 to 790 farmers in 2010-11.

Unique Farming Technique Doubled the Rice Produce of an Entire Village in Odisha
SRI Village: A New Identity of Gacherigaon village in Kandhamal district of Odisha