Environment Education for change: Collaboration with Schools and SHGs

Today’s children are the future citizens, leaders and decision makers of the country. They need to acquire traditional wisdom and practice skills associated with their family livelihood patterns to protect and preserve the environment for themselves. Environment education will lead to the acquisition of knowledge, development of analytical skills, formation of an environmentally conscious attitude and – ultimately – responsible and responsive behavior towards society and Nature at large. In this backdrop, we consciously plan to develop the understanding of school children and also of the WSHGs on the underlying causes of the environment degradation, crisis in agriculture and food insecurity. We share with them how they can contribute towards evolving a total organic village. We have started working with local high schools as well as existing SHGs at the village level to impart education on organic farming in 3 blocks of Nayagarh district. We have developed a training manual for school students, so that the young generation understands the importance of organic ways of farming and their significance in environment conservation. The responses of these institutions have been truly overwhelming.